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Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia - Batch August 2014

join-us-200We are an International Pastry school Based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. Where the students are trained from Basic to Advance Level.

We are a skill based pastry school where more than academic & professional background, we look for passion, attention and a drive to learn something creative which can be a great career for them. Read more...

Our Program
  • Our Program is highly hands-on where you learn by doing it yourself.
  • The program start from basic to advanced level and definitely place you above an average pastry student compare to any other pastry school in Entire Asia Pacific and Middle East.
  • The topics you learn are highly relevant to today’s Industry in term of Hotels, Restaurants and Pastry shops.
  • This also help you draft a layout plan if you wish to start you own on line business and small pastry shop or cake studio. Read more...
Our Team of Pastry Chef
  • Our Team of Pastry chefs can be compared with any pastry school in the world.
  • With a total of 40 Full time and visiting guest chefs from all over the world, we are the finest and biggest pastry chefs.
  • Our Competitions ranking prove that we are not an academic school but a truly professional Pastry school. Read more...

Our Achievements

  • National Pastry Champion 2011
  • Gold Medalist FHM 2013
  • Asia Pastry Champion 2014
  • 4th Ranking in the World Pastry Cup 2015
  • Top 4 pastry school in Asia Pacific by World Gourmet Summit, Singapore . Read more ...

Hands on Approach

  • Hands approach means that the students will be learning by doing it themselves. They will be covering each topic for full one week from Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm.
  • This environment gives them lot of opportunities to practice and develop better skills. The Program is 90 % hands on in the kitchen and 10 % in the Class Room

9 month VS 2 year Program

  • As compare to a 2 year culinary or pastry program, we are fast, compact, to the point and a highly skill based Program.
  • You straight away save a good 1 year comparatively and that too with a 70% more advanced learning.
  • A detailed browsing will tell you that most of the European and International Pastry School offer just a 6-9 month Program