Academy Profile


The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is a premier institute, offering you a unique opportunity to learn the Art of Pastry & Bakery.

We are committed to groom the best, “ready to perform” professionals, entering the industry and related fields.
Why study at the Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia

Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia offers you the rare opportunity to learn the art of pastry in an intimate setting, being personally mentored by masters in their field. Your skills will be finely honed through hands-on practice and repeated exposure to the best pastry techniques, tools and ingredients. Our school is dedicated to the art of pastry and it is our goal to be the finest pastry school in Asia, producing the best-prepared professionals entering the industry.

  1. Personal instructions and hands-on training from world class pastry chef instructors in a comfortable atmosphere.
  2. Personal attention to each student’s individual career goals, from the minute they come in contact with the school and maintaining a positive relationship with alumni throughout their careers.
  3. Ensuring students get individual attention from their chef instructors by keeping class sizes small.
  4. Dedicating the best ingredients and equipment available for our students to learn with in kitchens designed specifically to teach the art, science, technique and method needed to excel in the pastry industry.
  5. Offering courteous student services and thoughtful guidance tailored to each student’s needs.
  6. Presenting opportunities to our students to become part of their professional community through visiting guest chefs, hands-on professional events and professional tours.
  7. Promoting lifelong learning by providing continuing education courses for graduates, professionals and food enthusiasts.
We Offer Courses Our Instructors

Our team of award winning instructors has grown to a faculty of many renowned chefs, including; Director of Pastry Studies Guillaume Lejeune, Director of Pastry Arts Frederic Oger, Pastry Chef Niklesh Sharma, Asian Pastry Cup Silver Medallist Chef Hong, National Champion Chef Tan Wei Loon, Award Winning Chef Chong Ko Aai and Assistant Pastry Chef Azura Zamari.

Our chef instructors lead demonstrations on the premises and around the country for thousands more pastry professionals and enthusiasts.

Our Facilities We have 7 specialized kitchens with the latest equipment, dedicated for baking, chocolate making, cake-designing and sugar art. Our facilities make us the best equipped pastry academy in Malaysia. We have a total area of approx. 8000 Sq. Ft. where we provide our students excellent equipment and the best ingredients to work with. Achievements FHM (Food and Hotel Malaysia) 2011, Kuala Lumpur

- Most outstanding Pastry Chef Award

- Most Outstanding sugar showpiece and chocolate cake

- Gold medal for dress the cake

- Bronze medal for chocolate showpiece.

Mondial Des Arts Sucres 2012, Paris - Chef Tan Wei Loon, our in-house Pastry Chef represented Team Malaysia for this prestigious competition. Team Malaysia made it under TOP 5 of the world! Asia Pastry Cup 2012, Singapore - Chef Tan won gold with his sugar display. - Chef Hong represented Team Malaysia, they won the silver medal. - Chef Ko Wai won silver for the theme "Dress the Cake". - Chef Frederic Oger won a bronze medal with his Chocolate Display. World Pastry Cup 2013, Paris - Both Chef Tan Wei Loon and Chef Hong represented Team Malaysia, they ended on a great 14th place. . Exchange Program The Academy of Pastry Arts Malaysia is in collaboration with the prestigious ENSP Pastry School in France, whereby you can receive an advanced 8 week international training at the school, followed by a 4 weeks internship in a reputable bakery or pastry shop upon completion of the 9 month advanced diploma course.